The New Testament

  1. The Parables of Jesus

  2. The Gospel of John

  3. The Gospel of Mark

  4. Jesus’ Farewell in the Gospel of John

  5. The Historicity of the Gospels

  6. Jesus Encounters People in the Gospels

  7. How Jesus Reinterpreted the Jewish Festivals

  8. The Land of the Bible and Spiritual Formation

  9. The Book of Ecclesiastes for Today

The Middle East

  1. A Basic Introduction to the Israel-Palestine Conflict for Christians

  2. Theological Questions for the Israel-Palestine Conflict

  3. What I’ve Learned from the Arabic-Speaking Church

  4. Understanding Christian Zionism

  5. The Old Testament Promise of “Holy Land” and Its Meaning Today

  6. How the New Testament Reinterprets “Holy Land”

Brief Promotional Bio

Gary M. Burge (Ph.D., King's College, Aberdeen University) is a professor of New Testament in the Department of Biblical & Theological Studies at Wheaton College and Graduate School.  Gary has authored a number of books including commentaries on John and The Letters of John (Zondervan Academic).  He also specializes in the Middle East, its churches and its history in the Greek and Roman periods.  His book, Whose Land?  Whose Promise? (Pilgrim Press, 2003, 2013), received recognition from national journals.  Recently he co-authored a college textbook entitled The New Testament in Antiquity and four volumes explaining the cultural background of the gospels (Zondervan).  Among them: Jesus and the Jewish Festivals and Jesus the Middle Eastern Story Teller.  His most recent titles: A Week in the Life of a Centurion (2015) and Mapping Our Academic Careers (2015).

Gary’s sermons and conference presentations are known for their passion, humor, insight, and careful use of the ancient culture surrounding the Bible.  He has spoken in a wide variety of venues throughout the United States and the Middle East. 

In 2017 Gary completed 25 years on the faculty of Wheaton College and moved to Calvin Theological Seminary in Grand Rapids, MI

Speaking Requests

Gary maintains an active speaking schedule which includes churches, conferences, and retreats as well as colleges in the United States.  For over 15 years he was a regular teacher at Willow Creek Community Church in S. Barrington, Illinois. 

Contact:  Contact Gary personally ( for his speaking availability.

On Video (links)

  1. On the ancient culture of the Middle East and interpreting the Bible.

  2. Interpreting the gospels from within their ancient contexts.

  3. What it means to think theologically in today’s world.

  4. Wheaton College Chapel, Lent 2016. “The Cruciform Life.”



A wide variety of topics is available for presentation both as a series or single events.  In addition to these sample topics, numerous occasional talks are available as well.